Outside The Lines


Cornwall Design Season

An exhibiton within a shipping container designed and curated with seven 3D design students from University College Falmouth, as part of Cornwall Design Season 2011. Over 9 weeks there was a multi-site exhibition across Cornwall, with each container interpreting a Cornwall design story that has changed ‘something’, nominated by people from the world of design, culture and academia.

Our design story was ‘Delabole Windfarm’, the first commercial windfarm in the United Kingdom, that was built by a local family in opposition to a proposed Nuclear Power Station. Our location was the Events square in Falmouth.

Our interpretation was an interactive installation that engaged the general public. Inside the container were laser cut templates that passers by could write messages on and decorate. These could then be assembled and added to the container wall with magnets that would allow them to spin. There was an interpretation panel inside telling the design story, specially made tables with routered areas where people could make rubbings. A cut vinyl display interpreting the power of the wind and a wind blaster so that people could make the wheels turn. We posed the question “Where will the wind take you”?

container exhibition