Outside The Lines

Creatively led, socially guided.

Visual Storytelling
While at university I formed a strong appreciation of the power of design to communicate things that matter. I began exploring visual storytelling in the form of a book or sequential ad campaign to engage the viewer.

Design Thinking
In 2008 I recieved a judges award for the Udevelop social networking concept, using design thinking to help meet the Millenium Development Goals in Africa.

Dott Cornwall
In 2009 I became a design panel member for Dott Cornwall, a design led programme that brought together local communities and world-class designers to work on projects that improve how we live, work and play.

I have worked for a domestic violence charity in Bournemouth for many years as a volunteer, designer and consultant. When I am not working for them as a designer I have found myself helping with a variety of tasks from exhibitions, to documentary voice over artist to jumping out of a plane. The charity sector is very competitive and targeted, professional and consistent communication can really make a difference.

Social Enterprise
I have lots of experience designing for the sector, It's important that social enterprise has a professional image that has the strength to compete with other commercial organisations.