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Udevelop was designed as a competition entry for Design 21 a partnership between Unesco and Felissimo. The brief was to design a concept that could be used by Millennium Promise to help meet the Millennium Development Goals in Africa. My solution was to use a social networking site to engage as many people as possible in whatever capacity they were able to give. Whether this was time volunteering, a financial donation or fundraising the site could connect people together to make it happen. I was awarded a judges prize by Cynthia E. Smith:

Judge’s Prize: U develop, by Sarah Spargo of the United Kingdom.
Selected by: Cynthia E. Smith, industrial designer, Co-curator of Design Triennial 2010

"U develop was designed as a social networking site that aims to empower individuals to get involved and help eradicate hunger. This interactive platform was a standout in the eyes of judge Cynthia E. Smith, who is a strong advocate and activist on the issues of human rights and social justice. She explains, “I based my selection on which proposal promised to be most effective and had the potential for the most far reaching positive impact.

The U develop social networking site is designed as a ‘platform to facilitate the creation of a multitude of campaigns.’ Individuals are empowered to eradicate poverty working through this internet based community partnering with local African communities on real projects. Not limited to experts in the field the democratization of the effort engages people with divergent skills, interests and levels of engagement. Using the well established tools of a social network site to target and empower individuals around the world there is no limit to what is possible.” (http://designtaxi.com/news/20018/Design-21-Announces-Millenium-Promise-Competition-Winners/)